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Service idea
Service Idea

"Integrity first, quality first" is the basic tenet of our company.

Our quality policy is: installation specifications, timely maintenance. Abide by the contract, serve sincerely and meet the needs of customers. We know that product quality is the basic and key factor of enterprise competitiveness, and service is the extension of product quality and one of the important factors of enterprise competition. We are determined to treat our customers with "integrity":

1、 All aspects of sincere service. That is, from the customer's electricity use report, engineering design, equipment procurement, installation and construction, equipment commissioning and acceptance, completion and power receiving to the test and detection during the future operation. We all provide all-round, whole process sincere service, try our best to meet the needs of customers.

2、 High quality returns. We strictly follow the provisions and requirements of the contract terms and engineering design on the equipment, and provide qualified products that meet the requirements, so as to complete the engineering construction and installation tasks within the specified time limit with the installation technology level.

3、 Active and stable aftercare service. We provide 24-hour emergency service after the project is powered on, that is, in case of abnormal operation of equipment or accident power failure, as long as the customer calls us, we will rush to the site immediately, remove the fault and resume power transmission.

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